How to watch Bathurst 1000 from UK, USA and Canada

Australia’s big racing event is now marking its 60th anniversary in style. While those in Australia and New Zealand have an easy way to be part of the action, those overseas are not so lucky. But do not be gloomy yet; you can stream Bathurst 1000 live online. The question is, where and how do you stream the race and be part of every turn and roll?

Well, you are in the right place. This post will tell you how and where to watch Bathurst 1000 from UK, USA, and Canada from your couch or wherever you may be. Read to the end and be part of Australia’s big sporting event. 

Watch Bathurst 1000 from UK

Let show you where to catch the action live. 

How to Stream Bathurst 1000 Live Online

If your fingers are itching to get the right place to stream Bathurst 1000 live online, then you must have looked around for alternatives. To make your search complete and successful, here is where you can be part of the fans from abroad;

Super ViewSupercar championship does not want any fan to miss on the thrill when the race gets underway. That is why they have Super View, a subscription app allowing you to stream the race live from overseas. On top of giving you streaming rights to Bathurst 1000, you are getting access to every racing event for the entire season. It can never get better than this. 

And do you know you are getting all these crazy fun for $40? Now you do, and you should find your way to Super View and get ready to be entertained hundreds or thousands of miles away from Australia. 

  • Foxtel Now Through VPN

With VPN, you can bypass the geo-restriction and access servers in Australia. There is a long list of reliable VPN services to pick your favorite from. Once you have it, you are free to access sports content just like you are in Australia. Foxtel Now gives you 14 days of a free trial, and that is enough to stream the race and catch up with other motorsports. Don’t wait; get your VPN and Foxtel Now, and you are ready to get immersed in racing fun. 

  • Motor Trend On Demand

Are you crazy about automotive events and not just the Bathurst 1000? Motor Trend On Demand is the place for you. It is a top streaming platform that gives you live and On Demand content for whatever motor event you are interested in. And for a start, you are getting 14 free days of trial once you sign up. Get up now and make Motor Trend On Demand your home of racing entertainment. 

  • Reddit

Reddit has supercar fans, and they will create rooms and subreddits to talk, share, and discuss Bathurst 1000 and other automotive races. You will get access to free broadcast feeds, share ideas with like-minded people, and a community of Bathurst 1000 fanatics. 

Wrapping up

Are you now ready to watch Bathurst 1000 2020Great! Go for it because you know where and how to access and unpack the fun wherever you are. 

How to watch the Players championship with using VPN

Are you eagerly waiting for this coming player’s championship tournament? Well, there are many ways of watching the player’s championship. However, some of the ways are geographically limited. In such a case, it can be really hard to access your favorite content from a geo-restricted site unless if you have other techniques.

In this piece of work, we are going to reveal how you can stream the Players live using the VPN.

For sure, there are many and reliable VPNs that you can use. The below three options proves to be the best.

Express VPN

One of the top VPN that can guarantee reliability, privacy and speeder connection. The ExpressVPN has a series of impressive servers, disbursed in different countries. Moreover, with its ability to support simultaneous connections, makes it the best option if you plan to stream on different gadgets at the same time.


 The second option, which is also considered for those looking to unlock any geo-restricted player’s championship content is IPVanish. They also boast of a faster, reliable and private connection. 

Additionally, its user interface is stylish and simple to understand


This is the last option of the best VPN that you can use if you want to watch the player’s championship using a VPN. The advantage that you will appreciate, they are supported on a variety of platforms.

So how can you use any of these three VPNs to watch your favorite player’s championship? Here, are the steps.

  • First, download, install, signup or login to any of the above three options
  • Choose the most preferred server
  • Connect
  • Open the content you want and start enjoying

Last note

So, these are simple steps to observe if you want to watch the player’s championship using VPN.

How to Watch Kentucky Derby without cable

For horse racing fans, the Kentucky Derby 2020 is around the corner. The race which is due in just a few months will be the 146th edition since its start. This one of the most-watched horse racing around the world and there is no doubt that it is still attracting the other fans around the world.

For sure, this horse racing event is watched all over the world and this is made possible by its organizer who has put in place several options for any fan who wants to become part of the event.

So, it is not a must for you to travel to the venue to watch it. You can just watch at the comfort of your home using your cable TV. However, it can be a challenge if you don’t have access to cable TV. Though it can be a challenge it doesn’t imply that you are to miss your favorite event.

There are many ways through which can as well watch the Kentucky derby without relying on the services of cable TV. Do you know these ways? Don’t worry if you don’t know.

The NBC sport is the official channel to broadcast the event. Luckily, it can be accessed through various options. For instance, you can watch the event using any online TV such as Sling, Hulu or Fubo who have NBC in its packages.

However, if you prefer watching it through cables, then you can as well do that. There are as well multiple options for the approach. The only disadvantage, the approach is costly when compared to Kentucky Derby live streamSo, if you consider saving some few dollars, then consider watching the Kentucky derby without using the services of cable TVs.

How to Watch 24 Hours of Le Mans Online

This year watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans live stream is easier than ever. Watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans online from anywhere is right at your fingertips. You will not miss any of the live action of France.

There are many options for you to watch the 24 hours of Le Mans live stream. The details are covered for you in this article. You will always know exactly where to watch the event live as it is happening.

If you live in the UK and have access to the Eurosport Player direct, you can watch the race here. Amazon subscribers can also watch through Amazon Prime membership, but there is a 30-day free trial.

Motor Trend TV is one of the best ways to watch the race. If you have a VPN, watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans will be kind of difficult. Other options for you to watch the live stream would be through streaming services.

fuboTV is very popular for watching sporting events. It is $54.99 per month, and you get over 92 channels, including Motor Trend Network. You only need the basic package.

Sling TV is another good option for the 24 Hours of Le Mans live stream. You simply need the Motor Trend channel and you can access this event from anywhere.

YouTube TV may be another option especially if you love sports in general. If you like YouTube, you will love this platform as well. There are simple prices, $49.99 per month. There is also a package available featuring Motor Trend Network.

DirecTV Now is an option and maybe the best to think about. It is only $50 for the live streaming package, which includes, premier channels that are broadcasting the Le Mans. You will get over 60 channels too. These are a few ways for you to watch 24 Hours of Le Mans this year. We are very excited about what will happen this season.

How to Watch Golf Channel without Cable

The Golf Channel has become one of the most popular networks where golf fans follow both major and non-major professional championships. Golf Channel offers live coverage of many championships in the PGA Tour including The Masters Tournament.

The channel also offers fans a chance to watch events live on their mobile devices – this is their answer to the problem of needing to watch the Golf Channel without cable. You don’t need to have cable, satellite TV or any form of subscription before you can enjoy golf actions on the channel.

Most cable networks don’t provide exclusive access to sports events on cable anymore. This is because many fans prefer cord-cutting options and streaming offers a level of comfort that cable cannot match. This is also true for golf and Golf Channel.

Here are the ways to watch Golf Channel without Cable:

  • Sling TV: Sling TV offers two options in the form of channel bundles, Sling Blue and Sports Extra bundle. Sling Blue comes at a cost of $30/month while the latter comes at a cost of $10/month. Unsurprisingly, Sling Blue offers access to a greater number of channels including popular channels such as NBC, Golf Channel, Fox, TNT and many more. It is also compatible with Roku and Fire TV.
  • Hulu Live with TV: it comes at a higher price than Sling TV. However, it offers access to more channels than Sling Blue bundle – 65+ channels including local, sports and national networks.
  • FuboTV: The basic bundle offered by Fubo gives you access to watch Masters Golf live stream. You can watch live action on the Golf Channel on this streaming service, as well as other entertainment and sports content on other networks such as NBC, CBS, and FOX.

How To Stream The Daytona 500 Online

Its 2020 and you can watch Daytona 500 online through a variety of channels that enable individuals from different countries to have a glance at the event without problems. The preference of using mobile phones to watch best shows and episodes will enable people to stream Daytona 500 online anywhere.

Here are some of the subscription services that allow you to stream Daytona 500 with a device of your choice and in your location:

  • Hulu with live TV

In Hulu tv, subscribers can gain quality access to not less than 50 channels. Only $40 monthly price and you are good to go. It also includes fox and has a seven days free trial period for the Nascar fans to stream the event on various devices.

  • Sling TV

At a monthly fee of $25, you get this online streaming service on any device with Fox. During the event, Daytona fans who are not willing to pay upfront can access the seven days free trial period.

  • FuboTV

This service has more than 70 channels that its customers can access. It costs $45 a month with Fox included. It is restricted to some areas but Daytona fans can bypass these restrictions with the help of a VPN and a compatible device with a strong internet connection for streaming the whole Daytona 2020 events.

  • PlayStation Vue

It’s a live streaming TV service supplied by the famous gaming platform PlayStation. It goes for a monthly fee of $45 including Fox sports and also offers a five day free trial period to racing fans.

  • YouTube TV

This service offers its customers access to many satellite channels at $40 a month, with Fox. Fans can stream the Daytona 2020 live events on different devices with 15 sports channels out of the 65+ channels.


It was formerly known by the name DirectTV. The name changed and added some new features. They have several packages but mainly they have the plus package and the max package. It charges $50 a month with FOX, NBC, and ESPN and has a free trial period.

  • Fox Sports GO

You can Livestream the Daytona 500 via the fox sports GO site on any online device using the fox sports app by logging into your cable service provider account. With the fox Sports app or the fox sports website, you can watch the whole Daytona 500 live online. It’s a brilliant choice if you don’t want to incur expenses watching Daytona 500 live online!

How can I watch NFR on DirecTV

The National Finals Rodeo championship is in Las Vegas this year.  It is also going to be broadcasted live on CSB Sports Network. The NFR broadcaster has the rights to the NFR for these ten days. This means only CBS can air the event live.

You do not need cable to watch the NFR, however, if you have DirecTV, you are in luck. You can watch the NFR with DirecTV.

Viewers that are subscribers to DirecTV and have an account that they log into or access it online will have the ability to watch the NFR live as it is broadcasted.

If you have DirecTV account access, once you log on to your account, you will be able to stream the event live through many different platforms. These include:

  • Web browser of a laptop/computer
  • DirecTV smartphone app
  • DirecTV app on Smart TV
  • Your television

What Channel Is the NFR on?

If you are a DirecTV subscriber and want to watch the event live, this is easy for you. DirecTV will be showing the NFR on channel 221. If you have DISH, it will be channel 158.

Wrangler Network

There is also the Wrangler Network, which plays the event live as well. This channel has a lot to offer as well. The Wrangler Network also contains personal interviews, fashion shows, Hall of Fame Gala, the Miss Rodeo America contest, highlights, news, scores, live broadcasts, and more.

The Wrangler Network is on 24 hours and 7 days a week. Also, if you cannot watch it live, there is a radio app as well you can download and listen to the event live.

Pro Rodeo Live radio player is available, and they have a schedule posted up for the hours that you can hear the event live. You can also listen to Sirius XM Rural Radio to listen to the event.

CBS Sports Network is the best option for you to get all of the action live and without missing a single event or moment of the NFR. There is an option to get the CBS app. DirecTV also has an app for your smartphone, just so you can watch the NFR live and as it was broadcasted.

The best option to watch this year’s NFR event live is on DirecTV. If you have a subscription, you’re good to go. However, if you do not have a way to watch the channel, DirecTV is a great option.

How can I watch SHOWTIME PPV on Mobile?

People think that the only way to watch the Manny Pacquiao versus Keith Thurman boxing match is to either A, buy tickets and attend it in person. Or B, buy the pay-per-view and be glued to a TV at a bar on in a living room. Now remember people, it’s 2019 and there is an option C, that option is to watch it on your mobile device via SHOWTIME PPV.

Yes, that’s right, watching this battle between these two welterweight boxers is possible on a smartphone, iPhone, tablet, computer, or Ipad. How? It’s because technology has come a long way. You see, now most cable TV providers offering online streaming services that allow you to take their programming with you wherever you go. All you have to do is log onto their website through the web browser on your mobile device and you can watch the different programming that they have available from shows to movies and in this case, the battle between Pacquiao and Thurman. Pretty easy, right?

What’s even an easier way to watch the fight is to download the app of the cable tv provider, like Showtime, right onto your phone. By doing this, it takes fewer steps to get to the actual programs that you want to watch since you don’t have to logon to your mobile’s web browser, search for the cable channel that you want to watch a show on, then log in, and finally watch your program or show. Instead, you just click on the app on your phone, log in, and then you’re good to go to watch your program or show. For most of the cable apps, you only have to login once, something that is very convenient compared to having to log in over and over again if you access the cable channels website through the web browser on your mobile device.

A few things to keep in mind to maximize your viewing experience when watching any show, including SHOWTIME PPV, on your mobile device, are:

  • Get logged in early to the cable app you want to watch the show or program on so have everything ready to go before things start.
  • Keep your device charged, you don’t want to miss any action
  • Make sure you’re connected to the Internet via WiFi so you don’t waste your data plan
  • Have a backup mobile device in place in case your first one fails

If you’re ready for the future, then get your mobile device ready to take in the Pacquiao vs. Thurman Live fight. Tremendously convenient, you might never want to watch a boxing match in the future in a different way again.

Why Boxing is the Best Workout of 2019 ?

We see so many fad diets and promises that this diet will keep us rail thin forever. Yet, we see results that last only a short time. We then join the gym; however, life gets busy and we stop going. We complain because of our weight yet do nothing about it. There is a fun and successful way to lose weight and have muscles and fun while you’re doing it. This way is called boxing. For 2019, boxing has been called the best workout of the year. So, after you watch The Errol Spence vs. Mikey Garcia live boxing match March 16th at 8 pm, you’ll be motivated to take up boxing.

The latest fitness trends of 2019 have been listed online. One of the most popular of these trends, is boxing. Boxing is one of the best ways to become fit this year. More and more people are giving boxing a whirl, in hopes they’ll get to have fun, and get in shape while doing so. Apparently, any type of fighting sport is growing in popularity due to the rise in fans of MMA and boxing.

Why is boxing so good for your health? Boxing workouts are very intense, and some people say that they feel like a real boxer when they are working out. Some people like feeling that they are empowered and like the way boxing moves work your body. It works your body differently from other exercises. There are pro and cons to boxing.

Some of the pros of using boxing for getting in shape are as follows. The number of calories burned is quite a bit. Anywhere from 420 to 650 for an hour of boxing. In boxing, you’ll burn more calories than lifting weights, dancing, or aerobics. The training that boxers go through is very rigorous and they focus on every part of the body. There is a lot of cardiovascular that is done during the training sessions. Boxing is very high-impact.  Boxing does help lower your blood pressure, lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Boxing can help aide in making your bones stronger, build muscles, and burn tons of calories. It can help make your mood better as well. If you need a boost of endurance try boxing. Boxing can help improve your hand-eye coordination, help your posture, and can help you maintain being alert. These sound great, but there is also the down side of boxing.

There are some cons of boxing as well, especially for those who are not trained well or even a boxer.  No real proof that boxing is better than other types of exercises. Boxing has a lot of intensity, violence, and risk of injury that might be a bad choice for those who are not in the best shape. Boxing takes a lot out of you and you have to know your limits and build up gradually. It seems the good outweighs the cons with boxing, but make sure if you try it, you’ll be very careful in the long run.