How to watch Bathurst 1000 from UK, USA and Canada

Australia’s big racing event is now marking its 60th anniversary in style. While those in Australia and New Zealand have an easy way to be part of the action, those overseas are not so lucky. But do not be gloomy yet; you can stream Bathurst 1000 live online. The question is, where and how do you stream the race and be part of every turn and roll?

Well, you are in the right place. This post will tell you how and where to watch Bathurst 1000 from UK, USA, and Canada from your couch or wherever you may be. Read to the end and be part of Australia’s big sporting event. 

Watch Bathurst 1000 from UK

Let show you where to catch the action live. 

How to Stream Bathurst 1000 Live Online

If your fingers are itching to get the right place to stream Bathurst 1000 live online, then you must have looked around for alternatives. To make your search complete and successful, here is where you can be part of the fans from abroad;

Super ViewSupercar championship does not want any fan to miss on the thrill when the race gets underway. That is why they have Super View, a subscription app allowing you to stream the race live from overseas. On top of giving you streaming rights to Bathurst 1000, you are getting access to every racing event for the entire season. It can never get better than this. 

And do you know you are getting all these crazy fun for $40? Now you do, and you should find your way to Super View and get ready to be entertained hundreds or thousands of miles away from Australia. 

  • Foxtel Now Through VPN

With VPN, you can bypass the geo-restriction and access servers in Australia. There is a long list of reliable VPN services to pick your favorite from. Once you have it, you are free to access sports content just like you are in Australia. Foxtel Now gives you 14 days of a free trial, and that is enough to stream the race and catch up with other motorsports. Don’t wait; get your VPN and Foxtel Now, and you are ready to get immersed in racing fun. 

  • Motor Trend On Demand

Are you crazy about automotive events and not just the Bathurst 1000? Motor Trend On Demand is the place for you. It is a top streaming platform that gives you live and On Demand content for whatever motor event you are interested in. And for a start, you are getting 14 free days of trial once you sign up. Get up now and make Motor Trend On Demand your home of racing entertainment. 

  • Reddit

Reddit has supercar fans, and they will create rooms and subreddits to talk, share, and discuss Bathurst 1000 and other automotive races. You will get access to free broadcast feeds, share ideas with like-minded people, and a community of Bathurst 1000 fanatics. 

Wrapping up

Are you now ready to watch Bathurst 1000 2020Great! Go for it because you know where and how to access and unpack the fun wherever you are. 

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