We see so many fad diets and promises that this diet will keep us rail thin forever. Yet, we see results that last only a short time. We then join the gym; however, life gets busy and we stop going. We complain because of our weight yet do nothing about it. There is a fun and successful way to lose weight and have muscles and fun while you’re doing it. This way is called boxing. For 2019, boxing has been called the best workout of the year. So, after you watch The Errol Spence vs. Mikey Garcia live boxing match March 16th at 8 pm, you’ll be motivated to take up boxing.

The latest fitness trends of 2019 have been listed online. One of the most popular of these trends, is boxing. Boxing is one of the best ways to become fit this year. More and more people are giving boxing a whirl, in hopes they’ll get to have fun, and get in shape while doing so. Apparently, any type of fighting sport is growing in popularity due to the rise in fans of MMA and boxing.

Why is boxing so good for your health? Boxing workouts are very intense, and some people say that they feel like a real boxer when they are working out. Some people like feeling that they are empowered and like the way boxing moves work your body. It works your body differently from other exercises. There are pro and cons to boxing.

Some of the pros of using boxing for getting in shape are as follows. The number of calories burned is quite a bit. Anywhere from 420 to 650 for an hour of boxing. In boxing, you’ll burn more calories than lifting weights, dancing, or aerobics. The training that boxers go through is very rigorous and they focus on every part of the body. There is a lot of cardiovascular that is done during the training sessions. Boxing is very high-impact.  Boxing does help lower your blood pressure, lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Boxing can help aide in making your bones stronger, build muscles, and burn tons of calories. It can help make your mood better as well. If you need a boost of endurance try boxing. Boxing can help improve your hand-eye coordination, help your posture, and can help you maintain being alert. These sound great, but there is also the down side of boxing.

There are some cons of boxing as well, especially for those who are not trained well or even a boxer.  No real proof that boxing is better than other types of exercises. Boxing has a lot of intensity, violence, and risk of injury that might be a bad choice for those who are not in the best shape. Boxing takes a lot out of you and you have to know your limits and build up gradually. It seems the good outweighs the cons with boxing, but make sure if you try it, you’ll be very careful in the long run.

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